ACCORD MUSIC has been specializing in the sale, rent and repair of band musical instruments since 1997. Our company is owned and operated by the professional musicians and band instrument specialists.

Our services cover all musician's needs, from choosing the right instrument for a student through helping professional musicians with maintenance and service.

Accord Music proudly serves over 60 schools in Winnipeg and surrounding area.


We sell new and pre-owned

band instruments, guitars, keyboards, accessories and sheet music with a 1 year warranty

Brands we work with include

Antigua BG Kohlert Söhne Rovner
Armstrong Bliss Korg Selmer
Artley Conn Leblanc Typhoon
Avanti D’Addario Ludwig Vandoren
Bach Gemeinhardt Pearl Westbury
Ernie Ball Holton Planet Waves Yamaha
Beaver Creek King Rico Yanagisawa

Every instrument we offer for rent is professionally cleaned (including mouthpiece sanitizing), adjusted, and tested to match the top playing condition.


If you wish to purchase an instrument you’ve rented, the sale price will be reduced by 50% of the rent you've paid during the first and the second years. If you wish to purchase the instrument during the first 3 months of the rental contract, we’ll discount you with 100% of the rent you’ve paid.

Free Summer

Rent an instrument for a year just before summer and you’ll have the extra months to practice for free. Free Summer Rent also applies if you renew your school year rental before June 30t


Rented instruments can be insured for case of loss, theft or damage. Insurance rates start at just $1 per month. Issues caused by normal instrument wear will be serviced in the store immediately (or the instrument will be replaced) at no extra charge.


In case of early rental termination, we charge a monthly rate for every month the instrument was rented, with minimal amount of three months.

We repair brass, woodwind and string instruments

We have a complete instrument repair facility and have employed the same team of brass and woodwind specilaists since the 1997. The high quality of our services and decades of experience make ACCORD a place of choice for most bands, schools and professional musicans.

We provide 3 to 6 month warranty on instrument repairs.

One-on-one music lessons offered by our qualified teachers are adapted to personal needs, skills and interests of every student.

For years, our students have won music festivals and competitions. We train for RCM examinations. No obligations! We charge students only for the lessons they’ve attended.


We build custom guitars and basses following the musician’s most exotic ideas.

Our guitar specialist, Igor Kornilov has made hundreds of basses, sticks, acoustic and electric guitars bearing the name “Kornil” since 1983. Using his own unique technology and great knwledge of musician’s needs, Igor creates instruments of unique appearance, rocking tone and boutique quality. Visit Kornil Guitars for more info

1373 Pembina HWY, Winnipeg, MB, R3T 2B7, Canada